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Dodson Auditorium was erected in the early 50’s. During it’s early years, it was one of the finest spaces to host large events in the East Texas region. From the use of its lobby to the velvet-upholstered seating, and state-of-the art lighting and acoustics, Dodson bespoke of the riches with which the small but bustling town of Kilgore had been blessed. It was a venue that the community could show off with pride. Dodson has served the community, to which it belongs for over 70 years. Dodson Auditorium’s seating capacity is over 1,600 and controlled with state-of-the-art sound and light consoles.


Giving the Music its Wings

To increase and strengthen bonds within our surrounding communities, culturally enrich our students and city, and provide professional performances for our loyal patrons and for those who have yet to enter our doors

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